Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Havanese Dog Facts

The Havanese is an elegant breed with distinctive fur. Their small happy faces are round and covered in soft fur. Bright almond shaped eyes appear perky and a black nose ends their square muzzle. This is very important to the breed as it reflects a lot of character and soul in their expression. Their long ears are never seen because of long flowing hair. A wide neck leads to their broad shoulders and square body. Short chubby legs lead to long round feet. Covering their body is long flowing fur which is particularly abundant on top of their head which is usually held up with a bow or ribbon. The beautiful fur comes in many colors; the most common is white.

Following Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World by landing in Cuba in 1492, Spain soon began colonization of Cuba. Some of these early colonists brought their dogs with them on the voyage and it is thought that these early canine “explorers” form the ancestry of the Havanese.

The climate of Cuba was hotter and more humid than their previous home, and over time the breed developed a lightweight, white silky coat that left them better adapted to these warmer conditions. It is believed that these original dogs were bred with French and German poodles in the 19th century to give us the breed as we know it today.